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Dedication and leadership inspires action on the front lines of health

6 unique stories of triumph, dedication and perseverance.

PHMC is a leader in public health in the city of Philadelphia. We've been working together on impactful content over the past five years, and this project is one of our favorites. The concept was based on the fact that each individual in their organization has a unique story about how they decided to work and serve in the public health system. The individuals chosen for this project are leaders in their field and are passionate directors to the organization and the peers they work with every day. We worked hand in hand with the Marketing and Communications team at PHMC to create 6 unique documentary-style videos shown during the PHMC Annual Meeting in 2019. The videos were packaged together and played throughout the meeting, bringing real-life drama and passion into the fold. We decided to brand each piece and attribute a color to the front and back bumpers, adding a strategic element of color to the entire video. We are all about adding that special extra ingredient to make a series great. The stories are raw and artistic. We tried to be honest with the individual and work with them to tell their story the best way possible.

After wrapping up the project and attending the event to watch the series in action, we are proud to say this project was a real success. The participants were very engaged and connected to the stories. We learned that audience members were waiting after the event to tell PHMC communication leaders about the sense of pride and connectedness they felt to their public health mission. These lasting moments are the result of a lot of hard work and dedication. It takes a team that is willing to push the limits.

With every project we work on, we try to take something away. On this project, uncovering the real humanity of each individual was a true gift. Although nervous at times, these people weren't afraid to open up about their lives, struggles, and journeys. They were able to rise above a time of pain, understand a driving passion, and take action on what they believe. We are thankful to work on such great projects and hope you enjoy watching the video series as much as we do.