The Lab Inc.

Full service production for The Lab

Getting creative and staying flexible with The Lab.

The Lab is a longtime client of Camos Media. They are the only full-service concierge health and fitness company serving the Philadelphia area. In 2012 we began working with CEO Aaron Bonser to help establish a brand and work towards a style and marketing language. We've developed a solid relationship over the years and enjoy pushing the envelope in terms of creativity and what represents his company. They have seen tremendous growth not only in their customers but also in their corporate partnerships. We've helped them position themselves for all clients through video production, branding, still photography, and marketing material such as graphic design.

In the very beginning, we helped design their logo. We put our minds together to craft a logo that could represent the company as a whole and really showcase what they stand for. We settled on the barcode, symbolizing each person's DNA and the unique challenges and routines that go into every individual's mind and body journey. Each person is different, and The Lab works hard to structure a perfectly crafted practice for you. We are consistently working with The Lab to produce studio and on-site content, such as fitness commercials, workout tutorials, and general promo. They have allowed us to flex our creative muscles and ultimately take it to the next level. As they grow as a brand and culture, we do as well. Our 10-year relationship has been organic and mutually beneficial.

Most recently, the Lab has opened The Lab Kitchen during the pandemic. A full-service kitchen run by chef Trevor Johnson, making delicious and nutritious ready-to-eat meals every week. We made sure to capture the precise, caring, and skilled effort he puts into each gourmet meal before it gets delivered to the customer. We enjoy working with them through every endeavor and staying flexible to continue our growth.