We manage each step of the branded content creation process – on time & on budget.

"There is no reason to doubt a great idea or concept. When you work with us to solve creative puzzles, we know how to get it done and achieve great results." 

Follow our
step by step process:

Let's get the gears turning.

When embarking on a project, it is necessary to start with a solid concept. Designing a strategy and tactical approach is essential. Since we've worked with so many different teams and have seen the best and the worst, our approach has evolved to fit the things that make us different. We can adapt to your speed and bring "our" plan to life. After over 10 years of experience in client facing work, we can firmly say that pre-production is the most important aspect of every job.
Visual storyboard drawing representing closeup interview angle

Bring the energy, bring the gear.

Production is just an easy way to say, "It's time to stop playing around and get to work." Everything we have worked for is hiding in the tiny details and nothing can be missed. Each team member from crew to client is responsible for their part. We hold ourselves to the highest quality and on-set standards to ensure that nothing falls between the cracks.

We are artists, but we are also technicians and pupils of the industry. We know there are hundreds of talented people all working in all facets of the craft to get to the next level. That is why we never stop pushing to compete with the best and most talented in the world.
Focusing camera with 50 mm prime lens

The difference is in the details.

We have made it to post-production and the first draft is the only thing that is a priority. Some agencies like to send unfinished work to gauge if the client feels good about the direction. We do not believe in that process. We put our best foot forward to show that all of our hard work was worth it.

We strive to show our clients that we can exceed their expectations every single time. Once the first draft is shared, we work together to make changes until the project is perfect. We focus on messaging, composition, color, sound, and overall creativity.

Post-production is a challenge that combines all skill sets of digital media. It is the chance to showcase creative freedom. It is the chance to create something that will have a lasting impact on all who view the final product. And in our world, every single frame is as important as the next.

Post-production timeline premier pro

Take advantage of our full service experience.

Our collective knowledge and skillset allow our team to work quickly and efficiently to cover your content needs. We push the creative envelope for every single project and every customer. If we think a logo needs a redesign or the addition of motion graphic elements, text, music, and transitions (to name a few), we will do so every time. We are not afraid of experimenting and trying different methods to make your video project our absolute best. We believe that your video content represents who you are as a business or organization. Because of this, your brand appreciation rests on what we put on the table, and we take that very seriously.


A project begins with a creative brief, strategy, timeline and scope. We take pride in our ability to illuminate your brand's personality and deliver an effective visual.


Quality and style are hallmarks of successful production. Our team assesses the production needs and adapts. Making the process less about us and more about you.


Effective story telling and a critical eye makes the difference. Combining video, audio and graphic design elements into a visual message is our specialty.


Through a variety of music, sound effects and voice artists we can bring your story to life. Industry standard recording equipment and professional quality mastering is key.


We fully incorporate your brand elements and requirements into your videos using graphic design and motion graphics. We can match colors, animation, logos, and more.


Fast and secure file delivery is crucial. We stay ahead of the tech to provide safe & reliable share links, asset management, and cloud storage solutions for your data.

Color Grading

Color is a fascinating part of the post-production process. It has the ability to set the mood and scene of your video. It’s a story in itself so subtle that the audience feels like it was always there. We shoot in high quality 4k and 1080p video. Our color grading process adds pop and atmosphere to your shots by coloring the footage as subtle or extreme as needed. We push the limits of color for your story so it can provide information on people, places, style and mood. We will work on it until you’re satisfied, every time.