Elements of Sound: Creating a Branded Audio Experience

January 19, 2024

Sound as an Influence 

A Suitable Soundtrack:

Every great project has a standout soundtrack, layers of sound fx, and intentional music mixing. High-quality sound engages your audience and keeps them interested while delivering subtle information about the brand. The best editors can subconsciously use sound to influence a viewer. Focusing on the audio experience is as necessary for video projects as the visual experience. Here is how to incorporate a suitable soundtrack to take your branded video to the next level. 

The Basics: What is Audio Branding

Audio branding, or audio logo, shapes your brand’s identity using sound elements. Audio branding can be a recognizable audio signature attached to your company or clearly defined noises related to your brand essence. Audio branding aims to ensure that the sound incorporated into your project will be effortlessly interconnected to your brand’s character. 

Staying on Track: Brand Consistency 

Ask yourself, what are three adjectives that describe your brand? Next, brainstorm how to capture these adjectives through sound elements such as scripted audio tracks, music, and effects. For example, do the sounds feel soft, clever, or futuristic? Decipher your brand mood first, then capture that message through specific audio choices. After determining your brand’s audio logos, these sounds should remain consistent throughout the project. Staying on track will allow subconscious sound repetition and keep your audience engaged with your brand’s relevant message. 

Consider Audience: Who is Listening 

Consider your audience. Whose attention are you trying to capture? Music shapes our mood and evokes emotion in the audience. Each sound implies a distinct feeling or memory capable of relating to our experiences. Try to use sound that will connect to your target listeners. 

Enhancing Your Brand 

Audio mixing can shape the foundation and culture a brand represents. The challenge is to find the right audio pair and mix audio tracks correctly to capture the overall experience. Through our audio expertise, we have crafted projects to meet our clients’ brand visions. We enhance your brand through creative video production services. Reach out for more information if you want to learn how to upgrade your visual projects with audio. 

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