We are strategy first, creative always, branded content specialists.

Camos Media operates as a full-service boutique production agency working directly with corporate, nonprofit and agency partners. We specialize in branded content that connects and engages your visual brand and message to your audience. Whether it be a large corporation or a small nonprofit, we strive to understand our clients' and partners' unique culture and vision to deliver beyond expectation. When we start a project, we work to develop a plan and strategy to uncover the simple complexities that align with each unique brand and audience.

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You may be wondering, what does Camos mean? Well, it has multiple meanings. A Camoscio is a cross between a goat and an antelope indigenous to Abruzzo, Italy, where our founder, Jeff's family, originates. The Camoscio live and work in small herds, and their agility allows them to scale steep heights, traveling from one peak to another. They survive by adapting to their environment and carefully navigating their terrain. Camos is also a merger of the abbreviated version of both camera (CAM) and operating system (OS). We work in small circles, reaching new heights, like the Camoscio, while supported by state-of-the-art technology, editing systems, and professional-grade production gear.

Working on a project?

We have developed video campaigns for all types of organizations. Along with services direct to client, we have formed great relationships with other creative agencies and PR firms to work on their behalf. These experiences allow us to deliver consistent quality from start to finish.

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