You Need The Lab

Trainer and Trainee Begins With Human Connection

You Need The Lab, a longtime client of Camos Media, has carved out a niche service that helps people improve their health and fitness. Now, with a growing body of isolated workers in so many different fields, industries are transforming their work plans to accommodate consumers on a remote level. The Lab proves to be ahead of its time by focusing on the individual as its primary business model. They consider all their specific goals, needs, and limits from the start to direct that to a particular coach. To connect each coach to the public, we set out on a campaign that offered a glimpse into their psychologies as trainers.

We produced, shot and edited each trainer's "profile" video, focusing on a theme centered around relatability and human connection. The product was a culmination of strategic stylistic approaches like macro shots and black and white color treatments to emphasize emotion throughout each video. This approach allows the audience to connect with each trainer while their voiceover takes you through their story.