PHMC 50 and Forward

Building a branded video experience

PHMC 50th Anniversary

Picture an ever-evolving community of social workers, health care professionals, case managers, program leaders, and mission-driven staff (just to name a few) working together in the face of constant challenges in one of the most dynamic public health communities of Greater Philadelphia- you've just imagined the Public Health Management Corporation, PHMC. Each individual who works for PHMC understands that innovation happens when trust, commitment to positive change, and work ethic collide. Dedication to improving communities, converting spaces into healthy and progressive workplaces, and investing in the next generation is what PHMC does every day. That is why evolution and innovation are core themes of this project. As a video production agency, we take our partnership with them seriously. We worked with them as they established their brand and vision for their 50th Anniversary.

"Your ability to deliver on the vision we had for the brand essence video – especially when the vision, for me, wasn't much more than a feeling in our earlier conversations – is astounding."

We were tasked with creating two branded videos, photography assets, and a social media package. First, we created a storyboard featuring a sense of PHMC's brand maturity. Then, working closely together, we drafted a script highlighting PHMC's mission, workforce, affiliates, and future goals. For the 50th Anniversary video "50 and Forward", we utilized past b-roll and new footage that showcased the organization's diversity and reach. Through the footage, we wanted to showcase the idea of constant motion. This creative decision allowed the audience to connect with the brand in more of a "this is who we are and why" and not a "this is what we do" manner—making the project more personable. For the Richard Cohen Years of Service tribute video, we captured interviews of influential people in and around public health who could talk about the evolution, leadership, and future of PHMC. While shooting, we wanted to capture a story that would remain humble and thought-provoking through the lens of Richard as a pioneering leader who cares about his associates and the communities they serve.

We repurposed footage and created social recap videos for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These branded videos were explicitly formatted for each platform and were produced by our partner, Maven Communications. The photography portion of the project included headshots of PHMC employees and leadership. The project turnover was about two months. After tying together the footage based on the storyboard and reviewing edits with PHMC's team, we created an image that captured PHMC's 50 Anniversary celebration and the brand itself.