Turning Points for Children

Virtual programing for a great cause in the city of Philadelphia

Lights, camera, action. Turning Points for Children lights up the night with this annual fun, informative and innovative virtual program.

Turning Points for Children hosted their annual Kids at Heart gala to showcase their work's impact and recognize the honorees that support their mission, inspiring attendees to take action. The theme was "Light Up the Night" and "Families made stronger and futures made brighter." Since the shock of the Covid-19 outbreak, the event moved from in-venue to virtual. After many hours of planning, we decided to pre-record the entire event but produce the program in a way that felt organic and free-flowing. The honorees were PHMC CEO Richard Cohen, PECO CEO Mike Innocenzo, and Skai Blue Media Founder & CEO Rakia Reynolds. 2019 was an unprecedented year bringing out inequalities and suffering in Philadelphia communities and shined a light on stories of heroism and dedication from the frontline workers. Turning Points decided to spotlight staff stories, narrated in the moth style (https://themoth.org) with emotion, a little lightheartedness, and fun. The honorees and employees were asked to deliver their stories. Like The Moth, they were narrated in an authentic and engaging style bringing out a reflective, personal and vulnerable side that made the individual take action. The participants did a fantastic job touching on different human elements; raw emotion, humor, passion, self-deprecation, determination, and banter to keep the organic style that The Moth achieves.

Creating virtual programming is challenging and requires the organization of many moving parts, wrangling people and information. The finished segment rang in approximately 48 minutes and included multiple forms of content from motion graphics, slides, interviews to official branding. To ensure the quality of work, we broke down the project into segments that we shared with the client for review. Each component underwent critiques, review, and proofing. When each part was approved, our team edited the pieces together into a finished product. Once organized into one timeline, all of the branding elements were added to finish things off. We worked closely with our customers' graphic and branding team to make sure all things were in-line with the event's guidelines and Turning Points for Children.

After countless hours of refining and tweaking, we finished and moved to stage. The program aired on Zoom on November 2nd, hosting the entire workforce, families, and leadership team of Turning Points for Children along with board members, donors, and other interested parties. This was our 3rd year in a row handling the gala and our first virtual gala. The event was a major success and helped Turning Points for Children retain membership and fundraising during a period of quarantine. We are thrilled and honored to work with such a fantastic organization whose impact and reach in Philadelphia is unmatched.